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We have long believed that they ‘could do it’, but now we see them more and more as reliable. This will also be strengthened as a result of COVID-19 (think: Pfizer). Who will you be working with? What does this mean for us? Anyone who works as a communication professional Oman WhatsApp Number List at a company must ask themselves whether that government (local or national) is such a suitable partner to go public with or tackle a project together. It is not good for your image if you voluntarily associate with a party that is mistrusted by many people. It is actually much more logical now for a company to seek cooperation with, for example, a social organization or an NGO that is clearly good at something.

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So that you can achieve a clear goal together. For example: The Salvation Army. Or: the local food bank. food Bank It remains to be careful with NGOs, with their Oman WhatsApp Number List image of reliable but not very competent. So look for a partner who has shown how to handle problems. Not because of the idea of ​​’supporting a good cause’: that is outdated. It is based on the idea that an NGO has specific expertise and a good network to get things done. Providing food to the poor, helping the climate, saving nature, arranging logistics, cleaning up rubbish, alleviating animal suffering.

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It provides a strong picture if you can make a link in the content for your club between the quality of your company and that of a strong NGO that can use Oman WhatsApp Number List your input. That input is therefore more about competence than about giving money. We can already see this happening: companies that want to be an ‘engine of change’, and that no longer have the patience to wait for ‘politics’. Example: fashion company Kering Such a thing is already happening abroad – perhaps also because confidence in politics there has been much lower for some time than in the Netherlands.


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