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However, when I revisited the idea of ​​spending money, I started to feel less anxious about my spending habits. Envision where your money goes and how it will benefit Honduras WhatsApp Number List the lives of others. Whenever I buy something, I just imagine how the money will help this person and their family, how I can help them indirectly, it feels surreal. At the same time, have an Honduras WhatsApp Number List unwavering belief that every dollar you spend will be returned to you many times over. There is a lot of money around and it will come to you. In a state of hope and certainty, it will come back to you, feel that joy, feel that excitement.

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Taking the time to think about the good things you’ve done in someone else’s life will change. How you feel about spending money and inevitably improve your relationship Honduras WhatsApp Number List with it! Send abundance and blessings to those around you Make it a habit to send blessings and abundance to everyone around you. This applies not only to your close friends, family Honduras WhatsApp Number List or relatives, but everyone around you. The energy you give comes back to you, so if you want more abundance. Give more abundance, and if you want more love, give more love! ! By blessing them, you create an energy of gratitude around you that will come to you in completely unexpected ways.

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I was skeptical at first, but with regular practice changing my mood. I started noticing that instead of being grumpy or annoying, I was more Honduras WhatsApp Number List loving and accepting. This shift in my energy is starting to reflect in my relationships. The same is true in my relationship with money. So, when you go out for a walk now, remember to bless everyone you Honduras WhatsApp Number List pass by, bless strangers, and send love. You obviously don’t have to go to them or talk to them about it, just say this in your head and bless them. You get what you give! ! ! This is the law of the universe. make yourself more generous When you operate with an abundance mindset, you obviously don’t hoard money.


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