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Because if there is constant coordination, how quickly can decisions be made? And is it still clear who is responsible for the result? Most of the time, this process is meant to ‘get ticks’. Anyone who allows others to participate in the decision-making process can later, if things Philippines WhatsApp Number List do not go well, always hide behind the conclusion. Yes, but I discussed it with everyone and everyone thought it was a good idea at the time’. We now see that this approach no longer works. And if problems do come to the surface. Usually by a wakeful journalist or a cross MP – then it seems impossible to solve the problem decisively.

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Is your company culture a block? So therefore this final question: does the corporate culture of your organization provide room for this value shift, or does it form a block? An American magazine described the latter sharply: culture eats strategy for breakfast† You can think Philippines WhatsApp Number List of such beautiful things, and also know exactly how to do it, but your Philippines WhatsApp Number List organizational culture can stifle all beautiful plans. The trends I point out above require a new kind of commitment, integrity, guts, new collaborations, and a certain transparency. It is a time of transition: the old familiar is no longer coming back, we have to move forward, we feel the urgency.

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We see a major shift in values, with both companies and social organizations becoming an ‘engine of change’. This fundamental trend can only gain momentum if the organizational culture makes room for it. Is that space available in your organization? In many places, there is Philippines WhatsApp Number List conservatism, the fear of speaking out, the worry of losing privileges, and most importantly, the smearing of responsibility to the point where no one is responsible anymore. The old idea of ​​’strengthening your organization’ is usually aimed at ‘the people’: more colleagues, better training, a ‘continuous education’ for everyone. Especially in our sector of communication, content, marketing.


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