What Are the Philosophies of Marketing UAE Phone Number

Over the years, different marketing objectives have emerged, but which one should be chosen by each company?

The different interests involved in the organization, customers and society, brought 5 basic orientations that addressed the marketing objectives UAE Phone Number of the company.

These are known as marketing management philosophies and are divided into 5 types of orientations:

  • to production,
  • product orientation,
  • to sales,
  • marketing orientation,
  • and holistic marketing orientation.

Production orientation

It is probably one of the oldest concepts.

It sustains that consumers are looking for products that are easy to find and at low cost.

Therefore, entrepreneurs guide their companies in search of high production efficiency, low costs and mass distribution. It is an idea adopted by technology and commodity companies.

product orientation

Product orientation maintains that consumers give preference to products of quality and performance superior to the average or that have innovative characteristics.

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That is the antithesis of production, here, companies focus on producing quality items and perfecting them over time.

A new product will not necessarily be successful, it needs to be promoted, viewed and distributed appropriately.

sales orientation

Here, companies start from the idea that consumers never buy the organization’s products in sufficient quantity, of their own free will (Hello consumer!).

Thus, offers and promotions are created so that the customer buys more units, even if there is no need.

The idea that reigns here is from the former VP of marketing for Coca-Cola: sell more things, to more people for more money, in order to make a profit.

The marketing orientation

This orientation emerged in the mid-1950s. The idea here stems from the “sense-and-respond” philosophy.

It is customer-focused and seeks to find the right product for the consumer and not the other way around, as is common. Consumption occurs when the company is more effective than the competition in creating, delivering, and communicating products.

Holistic Marketing Orientation

Holistic marketing is almost an evolution of the other orientations. It recognizes that in marketing “everything matters” – from the consumer, to officials, to the competition.

There is an interdependence between marketing and its effects, the actions of one area need to be consistent with the other and create unity.

Holistic marketing seeks to harmonize the complexities of the activity to function with something unique.

How has the concept of Marketing evolved?


Drucker’s “management practice” takes the first steps towards the diffusion of marketing, where it is treated as a force to sell more through processes that involve the consumer, attracting the attention of administrators and entrepreneurs.


In 1967,  Philip Kotler  launched the first edition of “Marketing Management”, preceded by the “father” of marketing, Theodore Levitt, with the article “Myopia in Marketing”.

From then on, scientific articles, research and relevant data began to be published and disseminated, strategies were studied more seriously and the market began to use these techniques more and more.

Kotler gave the definition used until today of marketing where it is “…it is a social process where people acquire something they want, through […] the negotiation of products and services […]”.


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