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The New Way of Working’ may well have been coined by her as she pioneered remote and home working at the turn of the century. With her company Moneypenny she is seen as the home-working expert in the Netherlands. What is certain is that she has a sharp view of developments in Australia WhatsApp Number List the workplace and is often invited by the media to share her vision. “Remote working, or working and collaborating remotely, is the labor market trend for the future. Not only has the Corona crisis shown that it is possible, but employees also want it. This is regularly shown by research, including research by my company Moneypenny in collaboration with Nyenrode Business University and Open University.

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My clients regularly ask me how we can find such good people at Moneypenny. That’s simple, we offer our people 100% control over where and when they do their work, naturally Australia WhatsApp Number List taking into account good agreements about delivery times, availability and accessibility. My advice: make sure that knowledge and office work can be carried out completely workplace-independent in your organization and see the office as a nice-to-have. Don’t impose restrictions in terms of the number of days in the office, and you will suddenly find yourself filling all those difficult vacancies.

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Now is the time to make real changes Hybrid workplaces – like all workplaces – should be value-oriented. With mutual benefit. With a shared value exchange and co-ownership. This is already visible in many modern digital collaboration tools. We are colleagues when we work Australia WhatsApp Number List together, we share together, we co-create together. Based on mutual trust, with respect for privacy and security. It is about all those aspects that we find really important in ourselves and in our organizations. All of this must be deeply embedded in the hybrid employee experiences we create to be successful.


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