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Check out this Tiktok from Private surfing Tap the two-square icon, then tabs (bottom center), then private. If the tab is gray, you know it’s in private mode. In private mode, your browsing data is not saved and websites you visit are not shared with other devices. Also, Safari Belgium WhatsApp Number List doesn’t remember your data to autofill, and it doesn’t track search history and pages visited. Save bookmarks Bookmarks are useful for finding your favorite websites easily. Tap on the page you want to save and press ‘bookmarks for tabs’. Now if you tap on a new page (two squares symbol), you will find the pages you just saved here.

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This way you don’t have to leave them all open and you can find them with one push of a button. Set focus settings I am curious if you are already using the new focus settings. You can find it in Settings > Focus or swipe down the menu and then press ‘focus’. Focus settings Belgium WhatsApp Number List Focus settings Here you can set focus moments for sleeping, driving, do not disturb, personal or work. With focus you can manually set these moments linked to your schedule. Also useful for synchronizing the schedule with other devices so that you really won’t be disturbed. Side note: it is useful to know that you can set certain contacts, for which you always want to remain available.

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Belgium WhatsApp Number List

So that they can also reach you in your focus moments. Mail tip: share photos I think this is a really fun trick! You can pick up an image in your photos and put it in an Belgium WhatsApp Number List email or SMS. Unfortunately not (yet) in other apps, but still very useful to know for at least the mail. Press and hold the images with your finger, rotate a semicircle so that you actually hold it, and use your other finger to go to the mail. Do you see the green plus sign? Drop the image and it’s in! Did you already know these tricks? Or do you have another trick I don’t know?


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