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We shall see. No one has reported yet. screenshot country of us 2. Diversity becomes inevitable Once a value shift is in motion, it moves quickly. The image of Zwarte Piet had almost disappeared in December, even from the candy and chocolate letters. The same is true with Panama WhatsApp Number List diversity. Can everyone participate? This is not only about color, but also about background, environment, education. The revaluation of pre-vocational secondary education is just as much a part of this trend as the discussions about gender demarcations and body positivity that we are currently experiencing. This trend of inevitable diversity is gaining momentum.

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We already seem to have more faith (and sympathy) in people who dare to be themselves, including all their ‘quirks’. A Twente accent, harelip, a gender-transitional type, it’s all fine. Please even. The non-binary ex-rock artist Raven van Dorst, who became extremely popular Panama WhatsApp Number List in 2021, has this in common with the brave Lale Gül and her book about her Muslim environment, and who even became ‘Dutchman of the year’ with it (in the Elsevier weekly). Even the directors of large companies are now talking about inequality and how to combat it. trends communication bankers Diversity is essential to sense target groups .

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The large mountain of vacancies and the enormous need for good new colleagues are still driving this trend. Anyone who still thinks that it is perfectly fine to populate a communication department with mainly white, well-educated ladies and gentlemen from the average Panama WhatsApp Number List middle class environment (and a bit higher) has already missed the boat. Diversity is essential to reach those difficult target groups, because in order to reach people you first have to be able to feel them well, you have to ‘understand’ them. This is easiest and most effective with colleagues from those groups. The failing policy for COVID vaccinations.


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