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Fortunately, you can check the combinations that are delivered the most in your campaigns. Responsive Search Ads (RSA) Responsive Search Ads (RSA) 7. Simplify your account structure Within the SEA landscape, the term Hagakure has been used more and more in the past Namibia WhatsApp Number List year. With this method, you bundle keywords within a number of ad groups, categorizing them per landing page. This simplifies the structure of your account and maximizes the amount of data per campaign. With your keywords you capture the bundled and the obvious search traffic.

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However, there is also a possibility with DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) to capture the rest of the traffic and generate new keywords. You can then add these new keywords back to the ad groups that contain your keywords. Broad match keywords are also becoming increasingly Namibia WhatsApp Number List important, with the focus increasingly on user intent. Simplified account structure Simplified account structure Key take-aways for SEA in 2022 Here is a brief overview of which SEA trends will dominate in 2022 and how you as a marketer can respond to this: By using Auto Applied Recommendations (AAR), you improve the quality of your Google Ads account and implement best practices by default.

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This saves you valuable time, which you can then use to optimize the SEA strategy of your account. Get the maximum results by using the new Google feature Performance Max campaigns , where you advertise across different Google Advertising channels with one Namibia WhatsApp Number List campaign. As a marketer it is interesting to respond to the sustainable trend and to advertise on purpose driven search engines . This can be an excellent addition to the sustainable or socially responsible intentions of your company or your customers. Purpose driven search engines such as Ecosia, DuckDuckGo and OceanHero are Microsoft partners. With POAS (Profit On Ad Spend) you assess the profitability of your ads and increase the efficiency of your campaigns.


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