How to do a good job in project promotion?

Let’s talk about the first topic “how to become Sweden Phone Number a qualified project leader”. As small as a business node, a project team, as large as a product line, a business unit, you will have the opportunity to be responsible for the work independently. When the opportunity comes, I hope you are ready

This topic is relatively large and detailed, and I will divide it into several articles to explain: This article is the third in this series

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  • Shaking people | How to do a good job of resource coordination
  • Pull cart | How to do a good job in project promotion
  • Shovel | How to do a good job in crisis management

How to do a good job in project promotion

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As the old saying goes, lower your head to pull the car and look up at the road. Today, let’s talk about how to do a good job in project promotion. As an IT practitioner, this topic should not be unfamiliar. I will sort out these platitudes and share some personal views. I disassembled a complete project process into five parts: goal, plan, progress, risk, and review . The following text will also be expressed according to this structure.

About goals

Basically everyone agrees on the importance of goals. Here we only talk about a basic knowledge of “goal orientation”. Take, for example, a thinking model we’ve all heard of. As large as an industry or as small as a copywriting task, there are four elements: background, status quo, goals, and methods. The four elements are arranged from top to bottom in a logical order. Here’s how I understand them:

  • Background: Explain the cause and effect, which is relatively broad. Describe facts and hidden constraints. My personal habit is to only synchronize facts without judgment.
  • Status: Strongly related to background information, most cases are judgments derived from facts and constraints described in the background. One of the persuasive logics of whether the project does or not.
  • Goal: The problem to be solved or the result to be harvested. For example: increase daily activities, recall old users, and increase business income. Goals must be clear and measurable. The second persuasion logic of whether the project does
  • Method: Also called means, scheme. the process of achieving goals
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This is how I understand the relationship between the four elements:

Some people have a good mentality and feel that if something fails. They should pay the tuition fee, and they feel that it is necessary to pay the tuition fee, but when asked. What did you learn after paying so much tuition? Often it is impossible to say why. It is very likely that you paid the tuition fee in vain. I think the step of summarizing the rules largely determines. How much value your past experience has created for you. Since the general rules are summarized. In addition to exhaustive.

So, not thoroughly implementing goal-oriented work principles is the crux of the matter.
Sometimes I ask the project leader to abide by the goals set at the start of the project, only do things that are strongly related to the achievement of the goals, and do little or no things that are weakly related to the achievement of the goals.


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