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WordPress, but it is also necessary to make some basic settings to start configuring your store. So, below we will see step by step how to install woocommerce and the initial configuration of this plugin. The first thing you should do, in case you are starting from scratch, is to install wordpress. Once done, we will see how to download woocommerce and configure it correctly step by step. Let’s start! 1st. Download the woocommerce plugin woocommerce is a free plugin that will allow you to create your own ecommerce store. This way you can show your products through your website, allow users to buy them. Include .

Various forms of online payment and shipping of your products. In other words, your business can reach more Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers customers through the internet. Just like any other plugin, to install woocommerce simply download it through the official wordpress repository. Or, if you prefer, through the wordpress administration panel itself. To do this, click on plugins -> add new and, in the search engine, type woocommerce. Click on the install now button and then on activate. Install woocommerce plugins 2nd. Make some initial settings once you have installed the plugin in wordpress, it is time to make the initial settings. To do this, you will have access to an installation wizard to guide you through setting up a new online store. Keep in mind .

Having So Many Features

That you will then have access to all this information again through the woocommerce settings panel. So, if you don’t have any data at hand or later you want to modify it, you can do it without any problem. 1. Setting up a new store the first step is the basic configuration of the e-commerce store: location, address, currency that you are going to use or what types of products you want to sell. Once you have everything filled in, click on “Let’s go there “. 2. Payment settings determine the prices of your digital or physical products. And don’t forget to price variable products to avoid losing money on your sales. In the next step, add the payment methods you want to use in your ecommerce ( paypal or stripe for card payments.

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Apple pay. In the “Offline payments” option you can select those types of payment that are not made online, such as bank transfer, payment on delivery or payment by check. 3. Shipping if, in addition to selling digital products, you are also going to send physical products to your customers, it is necessary to configure the cost of the shipments or their units of measurement. In our case, we have selected free shipping within spain and a rate of €9.99 for the rest of the geographical areas . But, as we have mentioned before, it is simply an initial adjustment. If you want to modify it later, you can do it without problem. 4. Recommended the installation process, by default woocommerce recommends certain .

Makes It a Heavy Plugin

Options for your online store. For example, if you have already purchased a template for your ecommerce, or use an email marketing tool like godaddy’s , we recommend disabling mailchimp. This completely depends on your preferences. 5. Activate jetpack? Jetpack is the plugin of wordpress plugins, which has made it a staple for many websites. The combination of jetpack and woocommerce can help you improve the security of your website and protect it against external attacks: it shows you downtime alerts, you can automatically share your content, it has a statistics module… In short, it is a “Mega-plugin”.


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