Leave Out The Unnecessary

Food that still has that skin in it is called whole wheat. For example, whole wheat bread or whole wheat pasta. Rice also has a skin with fiber. This rice is called brown rice. Fruit and vegetables also contain a lot of fiber. 3. Offer information in different ways Information is often Nigeria WhatsApp Number List better understood and remembered when you use multiple senses. Therefore, support text with simple visual material and ensure a read aloud button and sufficient contrast on the page. The latter is also necessary for people who are visually impaired or illiterate. The use of a video is also an option. Make sure that the tempo in the video is slow and include pauses, in which the receiver can process the information.

Are Treated Equally

In the past year, the pandemic has sparked a massive value shift , a shift in values, the first signs of which we have seen and will continue in the coming Nigeria WhatsApp Number List years. What does this shift in values ​​mean for the world of communication, marketing? Where will we be as an organization? And what does this trend mean for governments and those responsible for Nigeria WhatsApp Number List making and propagating policy? And what do we do ourselves, as communication professionals? Build back better On the threshold of 2022 (and beyond), we are already no longer talking about ‘the world after COVID-19’ – the new frame of mind is now ‘the world with COVID-19’. It will stay that way.

For Example

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Until recently, the slogan ‘build back better’ for the challenges of our time was heard in some (political) circles. But now the signs are clear: there will be no ‘build back’, there is nothing to return to the old. It will have to be better – and different. We look ahead – to the Nigeria WhatsApp Number List unknown. The urgency seems greater than ever. The mainstream media is now more activist and alarming than the average activist group in the 1970s. Climate, society, inequality (global, but also here), the mountain of debt that countries are burdened with, privacy in the digital world, and add your own urgency to this.


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