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Automated marketing is one way to help you offer your customers and prospects a personalized journey through your sales funnel . The functionality is often provided by Lebanon WhatsApp Number List email marketing providers. But it can also include communication via SMS, social media or the Internet. In other words, automated marketing can consist of a focused series of 2 to 3 Lebanon WhatsApp Number List emails, with targeted content for a small audience. But it can also encompass a complex network of both internal and external actions. Don’t let that overwhelm you though – a simple structure can make all the difference and deliver great results.

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Image of a workflow strategy Automated workflows are the common thread Automating your marketing is essentially nothing more than a follow-up of triggers and actions. It’s a way to differentiate your audience and put them on different paths to personalize their Lebanon WhatsApp Number List experience . In addition, you can also make your internal workflows more efficient in one fell swoop. A few examples: Triggers – Something happens, or a condition is met Someone signs up for a newsletter Lebanon WhatsApp Number List A customer downloads a catalog A lead is marked as qualified by marketing The support department closes a support request A recipient opened the welcome email, but did not confirm it Actions – What happens as a result of the trigger.

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A new subscriber receives a welcome message Sales get an Lebanon WhatsApp Number List email about the warm lead The customer receives an email asking how their support was There are many more examples, but hopefully these will give you an idea. As you may notice, automation isn’t purely for customer interaction. It is precisely the connection between different departments where the real added value can be achieved. The Five Foundations of Automated Marketing Workflows 1. Start inventorying customer contacts As always with trendy technologies you have to start with the main question.


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