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Example the fashion company Kering, known for dozens of major brands including Gucci, which employs almost 40,000 people, has entered into an alliance with the Pakistan WhatsApp Number List major environmental NGO Conservation International. Kering as involved and expert of the – polluting – production chains, and Conservation International as a global expert in the field of the environment. Together they will transform one million hectares of agricultural land in 4 years. More biodiversity and CO2 reduction. Why Kering does that? Because the governments can’t.

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And also because the fashion world is one of the most polluting industrial sectors of all – something you don’t hear about from the sponsored fashion influencers and trendy fashionistas. Example: Follow This An example of a different order: Shell’s departure to Great Britain is Pakistan WhatsApp Number List applauded by the Dutch environmental organisations. And also by Follow This, a small organization with which shareholders want to influence the sustainability of the company. Their motto: ‘Green shareholders change the world’. Why are they happy? Because, says founder Mark van Baal, the move allows shareholders to exercise more power to make Shell more sustainable.

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Follow This has more faith in the power of (green) money than in government policy. In the Netherlands we are still looking for examples, but they are there. The very young and fast-growing member cooperative Land van Ons does not seek support from governments, but from Pakistan WhatsApp Number List citizens. With the help of their members, they buy up agricultural land for large-scale nature restoration. Buying land from farmers and transforming it. Just start. There is no government anymore. I am curious which Dutch companies will ‘just’ participate in this. It will be companies that suit this, that are active in the fields of food, environment, nature and climate. But which? Unilever?


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