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Do you already have best practices ? When push comes to shove, good cooperation remains crucial for healthy business operations. Whether you do that hybrid or not. Now that we are often not physically together and – as homework expert Marianne Sturman puts it – the office is a Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List nice-to-have , we have to pull out all the stops to stay connected in a sustainable way. The experts certainly agree on that. Gonny Vink even thinks it is crucial to pay attention to this. According to this much-in-demand workplace expert, in 2022 organizations will increasingly use hybrid work as a strategic asset in order to achieve better results. Read the first part of this article series here.

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Make digital employee experience a priority in 2022 Isabel de Clercq: Sustainable collaboration in 2022 Isabel de Clercq Isabel de Clercq is passionate about the interaction Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List between technology, individual growth and change. She started her career at the University of Antwerp, and it is there, in that academic context, that her interest in self-leadership, productivity, knowledge sharing and the power of technology was awakened. Isabel is a frequent speaker on topics such as knowledge sharing, asynchronous collaboration and ‘hybrid working’.

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According to her, we must redefine the latter concept in 2022. “Hybrid working is a quest for sustainable collaboration. Words are magical in this, they mold the way we see the world. They conjure up a new reality. In the birth of a new word lies a keen creative urge. I felt Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List that in the summer of 2020 when the word ‘hybrid working’ first appeared. There was optimism and hope in the birth of that word. The future would combine the best of two worlds: that of home and the office. The word gave shape to a promising future. Also read: The best of 2021: top 10 articles about digital workplace & hybrid working In 2021.


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