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It is normal that you are generous and help those in need. This does not mean that you give up all your financial resources or give too much. It just means that now you are not Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List from a place of scarcity. You already know you have plenty of money in the bank, and the more you spend. The more it will come back to you, so why not be generous. You can tip the waiter, pay the helper. T he driver a little more, or just donate a portion of your income to some charity. When you show up and let the universe know what you can do with your money, it will always bless you more. Find ways to give back more in real ways.

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Practicing some of these techniques can give you a great starting point in raising your vibrations and attracting more abundance in your life! How I used a journal to change Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List my money concept I have been journaling for over two years now and this wonderful practice has greatly helped me change my mind about money and brought more wealth to my life. I use a journaling technique called scripting to convince my brain of the possibility of a better future. This technique is used to help you imagine a future you wish to be a reality and write a journal entry of everything you wish you had in the present tense.

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For example – if you’ve been wanting to buy your dream house, keep a journal in the present tense as if you were actually living in that house. Write down in detail Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List what it’s like to walk in your own house, sleep in bed, cook in the kitchen—every detail about the house and indulge in the possibility of that happening in reality. This will reprogram your Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List subconscious into believing that this is possible for you. If you can believe it, you can have it. That’s the thing about having a positive money mindset. If you can make it happen in your inner reality, it will also happen in your outer reality. Are you ready to develop a positive money mindset? Growing up, money was always a little-known topic in my family,


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