I worked in a newspaper for a while and there they always remark on you

Company or organization. Being well connected, having a good image and reputation, having a good network of contacts to expand the goodness of our products and/or services is essential for our business to stand and even grow . That is why, whatever the type of company (or freelancers), it is highly recommended to have good communication, both internally (workers) and externally (the environment). If you don’t have a communications department, you can get an expert person to take care of it, and to do so with a deep knowledge and understanding of your business sector and start up the so-called “public relations”. Why institutional relations?

If you don’t have a communications department

I worked in a newspaper for a while and there they always remark on you: “you are worth what your contacts are worth”. And that fits perfectly with the issue of institutional relations. In the current times we live in, more than ever, a company or business must dedicate efforts to achieve and maintain these Latvia Phone Number relationships. Maintaining your contacts, getting new ones, taking care of them, giving them the value they deserve, make the company have a return and in their minds they have us as a benchmark in the sector.

Collaboration is a word that often leads to

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This means that any news or novelty that we want to convey to the public multiplies, and if our message multiplies, our sales opportunities multiply, and not only sales, but also to retain our customers. Who repeat, and buy from us not just once, but always. Inesem business school course in labor relations more information but how to do it? Both in the offline world and in the online world there are several ways to do it. In both, agreements can be reached that establish synergies between both parties.

It is about: “you win, i win”, in short, the perfect and desirable negotiation for both parties. Collaboration is a word that often leads to misunderstandings. Real collaboration is one that always brings benefits to everyone. And this has as a consequence, with the work and effort that this requires. But not difficult, to achieve that success that if we acted apart from others, we would not have. This is called institutional relations. The union always brings more benefits than acting without taking into account others and the opportunities that this offers us. But


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