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I still don’t regret this decision, I enjoyed my time in Rome, happily mingling with people and street life! Potential costs: endless A ticket can cost hundreds or Germany WhatsApp Number List thousands of dollars! Try these travel tips! Of course, there are plenty of ways to save money while traveling. If I had to pick only one it would be 1), plan ahead and really decide what kind of vacation Germany WhatsApp Number List or trip you want. Some of the benefits of sticking to a travel budget is that you can raise more money for specific activities. Experiences (for example, paying for diving or surfing lessons, or visiting museums or art galleries).

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It’s also a good feeling to have some extra “buffer” money Germany WhatsApp Number List for unexpected expenses that may arise during travel. You don’t have to call your parents, friends, or rich aunt to come home to rescue. You when your flight is canceled or you Germany WhatsApp Number List get sick. You’ll feel confident that you’re an adult responsible for their money. Who likes to call home just to ask for money? No, me too I also don’t like going home after taking on huge credit card debt and working in the office for years to pay it off. An example of these unforeseen costs is the recent diversion of our domestic flight to another state in Australia due to bad weather. This turns a 2.5 hour flight into a 7 hour flight with additional food and drink bills for the family.

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As I said at the beginning of this article, I’m all for spontaneity, and having too much control over your budget or plans can take away some of the fun from traveling. Some Germany WhatsApp Number List of the best times I’ve traveled are due to changing plans and trusting my gut. The point of these travel tips is that maintaining a travel budget, at least in part, frees up extra money for those unexpected opportunities that pop up. When you sign up for an experience of a lifetime, you’ll yell “yes”! About the Author Kate Rae is the author of Not A Tourist, an Australian travel and inspiration blog.


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