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once my friend and I were sitting in the living room talking about philosophy after moving the sofa. On a whim, I didn’t pay attention to the volume, which made Hanmei think we were arguing.  In fact, similar situations have happened many times .  In one of the Namibia Phone Number List online reading groups with a few friends, when I spoke too loudly, she thought I was arguing with my friends again.  Since then, every time I speak Cantonese with my friends, I have to emphasize that it is just a discussion, not a quarrel.  Or just discuss the issue in the form of a quarrel.  Compared to my classmates in the philosophy department, I actually don’t talk much, and I don’t speak too loudly.

Everyone knows that learning a new language starts with learning how to curse.  As we all know, Cantonese has rich and creative swear words, especially the culture of foul language.  So, of course I taught her two or three swear words, so that when she was scolded, she knew what it meant.  She also learned quite well, and quickly became familiar with it.  However, when I told her the meaning of swearing, she was taken aback. She didn’t expect swearing in Cantonese to be so direct and vicious.  And often disasters to the mother and the whole family, if not cursing others to fly in the street.

I also learned some swear words in Korean. 

However, compared to Cantonese, Korean foul language seems to be “inferior”. For example, scolding people “sick body”, “dog”, “18” (homonym) is already quite serious. However, in the context of Cantonese, these situations are just our everyday words, no big deal. Not to mention the communication between our friends, we often have different organs in our mouths. However, speaking foul language does not mean being impolite, and calling someone a dog is not necessarily bad. Because, some people can be worse than dogs. Beasts are just beasts, but people can not be people; as a Hong Konger, I believe that I already know it very well, and I take my own seat.

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Sometimes we worry about what to have for dinner.

 I don’t have high demands on my diet, and I eat very casually. Occasionally, when the food in the university cafeteria does not taste very good, I close my eyes and eat enough. When it comes to eating at home, we are basically a mix of Hong Kong and Korean. We all take turns cooking, depending on how busy the day is. Because of this, I also learned to cook Korean-style miso soup and kimchi soup, and also learned to make Korean-style seaweed rice rolls, stone disaster rice, seafood pancakes, spicy fish soup, etc. I learned to distinguish between soy sauce for cooking soup and soy sauce for cooking vegetables, and I know more. , Koreans use sesame oil to stir fry. I am used to Cantonese food and I am very puzzled, because the sesame oil is left before serving. This is what I have understood since I was a child, before cooking a diced sesame oil.(Author’s note: Yi Ding is Han Mei’s favorite doll noodle)


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