How to Optimize Meta Descriptions for SEO

You are working hard for SEO!  Your articles are on time, your images and videos are optimized, and all other elements are aligned with your strategy.  However, there is one key aspect that gives you a headache – the meta description.

A good meta description will give you SERP benefits, more click-through rates, and an increased chance of people converting.  This is why you should not underestimate the importance of meta descriptions in your digital marketing strategy.

How to Add Rich Snippets to Your Website

In this regard, through this article, we will explain why this element is important for your website and how to optimize the meta description for SEO.

What is a meta description?

Meta descriptions are short, descriptive snippets of text placed in the code of a web page.  In search results, the meta description appears below the page URL.

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Your meta description will be combined with your page title and URL to Netherlands Mobile Number show users that your page includes what they are looking for. Attractive titles, simple URLs and relevant meta descriptions will lead to higher click-through rates.


Search engines do not use meta descriptions as a direct ranking factor.  Google doesn’t always use meta descriptions.  According to research by Moz, 35.9% of original meta description tags are shown as-is in Google searches.  Of the 70,059 meta descriptions examined , 15% of Google used the original meta description but added some extra text.

Google can decide if your meta description doesn’t answer the user’s query, but instead uses a better-matching snippet from the page.  Alternatively, Google can use your existing meta description.  It depends on what the user is searching for.

However, this has an indirect benefit – Google uses CTR to understand if your URL is useful to that audience.  The more people click on a link, the more Google will index it as a good search result, resulting in better rankings.


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