How to generate an “idea” enough to start a company?

I do not know the true face of Mount Lu, only because I am in this mountain. So what we’re really looking for is the waking hour, the How to generate an moment when the alarm clock rings, you completely break free from the dream and enter a truly higher stage.

Start with the problem

You need to understand the problem better than anyone else, and you need to have a distinct advantage in understanding your users so that you can offer a competitive solution.

There are various ways to help you discover Afghanistan Phone Number interesting questions, such as first listing things you are passionate about and then exploring the problems that exist within them.

Start building the checklist:

The customer journey can not only traverse the entire user experience process, but can also use it to traverse the process “Before, During, After” of any problem in order to find a solution or optimize the problem.

 In life

Afghanistan Phone Number
Afghanistan Phone Number

The second method is to go through the day and list everything you do, where you do it, and what tools you use.

If you’re trying to solve a problem that everyone has, it’s probably related to these key parts of your life.

As you build your list. You can brainstorm and find things that frustrate you or wish you could be better in every way.

Select one item from the above list, and you can start exploring the problem. The tool used here is the “customer journey”. The customer journey refers to the contact. Entry and interaction of a user with a product/service from the perspective of a specific user. the complete process.



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