How to do Digital Marketing strategically

If you already have time promoting your business in digital media, you have probably reached the following conclusions: Having many followers and having many customers are not the same Having a website does not mean visitors will come Having many visitors on your website does not mean that they buy your products Capturing email lists does not mean that they will buy from you later In general, we have learned to do digital marketing focused on making noise. It seems that the most important thing is to fill in vanity metrics such as number of followers, post likes, subscribers, email list and other numbers that look pretty. The above is not that it is bad, the bad thing is that, having a business that sells products and services,


You focus on increasing these vanity metrics

believing that they Qatar Phone Number will give you more money. I have to make something clear: If there is no solid customer acquisition strategy, your actions will not turn into real business results. How to do Digital Marketing strategically Yes, you may have one or another result, but if you compare it with the time, effort and economic resources invested, what you do in digital media may not be profitable for you. You can fool yourself into believing that you are doing well because you get many “likes” and “many users” follow you, but the accountant or financier of your business may not think the same. For all this it is essential to do digital marketing strategically. For this reason I created a course entitled “Become your own digital marketing agency”

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What should your Marketing Plan have?

To do Strategic Marketing, you need to have a plan. The first thing, of course, is to have clear goals of what you want to achieve. Your plan must have at least these 6 points. Your target audience and its value proposition. Messages and content aimed at your. Target audience channels with which we. Will reach our target audience potential customer acquisition. System follow up to potential clients convert leads. Into customers of course, a budget must also. Be created to be able to execute all this. If you want to learn the basics of all this. You can download my free ebook on how to do digital. Marketing strategically . Read it, study it, apply the concepts and. Tell me about your results, which I am sure will make a big difference for the better.


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