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That is mainly in: where do I belong? We all have different backgrounds, come from different places. But at the same time we often have many similarities, from our upbringing, religion, our environment. That creates a bond, recognizability. We need to find a new way in behavior Argentina WhatsApp Number List to feel connected to the organization. That is why themes such as diversity and inclusion are so important.” Put happiness at work “Happiness at work is central to letting your people thrive. That means you have to organize a positive work culture. This can be done by making it very clear what you stand for as an organisation.

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As far as I’m concerned, one of the challenges for 2022 is to make everything much more explicit! State clearly what you stand for, as a company but also as a team. Start small, get to the common denominator. As an organization, start the right conversation in 2022! Who and what are we, what do we contribute for whom, what is our purpose, the meaning of the department. Connect good Argentina WhatsApp Number List stories to that. And individually: what do you contribute to the group and the team? Working is not an individual activity! We help each other, shape each other, pass on knowledge and copy behaviour. Let go of egos, do it together!” Stop pampering According to Maartje, the change needed to create a positive work culture is also linked to other leadership.

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She refers to Simon Wakeman , who propagates it as follows: the way many organizations still work is designed for a stable, slow and predictable world that no longer exists. Stop pampering, let people solve it themselves. There are better ways to create organizations that help people Argentina WhatsApp Number List do more meaningful and sustainable work. One of the companies that is working on new leadership, among other things, is KLM. A ‘leadership journey’ has been made for senior management, with strategic themes aimed at inspiring and connecting leadership. See the story of Annelies Leveling (KLM) in my previous article .


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