Chinese e-commerce brand is the most discussed platform for Chinese Generation Z girls

Users can choose their own preferences during initial registration. And the program will push articles according to consumers’ preferences. And will select users with the same preferences to form a community. Gather users with common topics, and then conduct various operations through the creators. The method, coupled with a full range of measured videos, is close to the public life, attracting fans to convert into consumers, and directly importing the e-commerce platform of.

Xiaohongshu through the product link below the video. Successfully attracting the young people of the Z generation to join. At present, it has nearly 300 million registered users, and has become an indispensable platform for the Z generation. It has also attracted many young people of the Z generation to become content producers, and has developed various types such as short videos, shopping notes, word-of-mouth marketing, etc., which not only provides young people with The space to play is also a company that Chinese young people want to invest in.

The complete e-commerce training program cultivates industrial

The e-commerce industry is also one of the Kuwait Phone Number industries that Generation Z is eager to invest in. With the pulsation of current events and the volatility of technological development, there is a lot of room for creativity. Taiwanese e-commerce companies such as PChome also provide a stage for young people in terms of creative ideas. For example, the winning works of the Times Golden Calf Award this year are from the team of the Department of Commerce and Design of Zhongyuan University. Taking PChome’s existing heart etiquette as the theme, they planned the “August Heart Etiquette, Good Week 8!” marketing plan to re-evolve PChome’s heart etiquette!

This year PChome’s heart etiquette which is entering its fourth year

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Is a festive schedule that combines the three important festivals in August, Father’s Day, Qixi Festival, and Zhongyuan Festival. Creating festivals with marketing strategies also establishes PChome’s brand image. The team from Central Plains University integrated their own observations on the society, and added Stray Animals Day and Grandparents Day to the Heart Ritual in August, and finally returned to the gift of “Love Yourself!” which not only fully conveys the concept of heart ritual, but also develops Your own creativity won the favor of the judges. E-commerce provides a stage to inspire young people to be creative, so that Generation Z can change from “love this brand” to “want to be a part of this brand”, and also want to see their wild ideas reflected in brand marketing, bringing new ideas to the industry thinking.


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