Best Mid-Funnel Marketing Channels

One of the best mid funnel marketing tactics is hosting webinars. A webinar helps to turn prospects into customers by educating them with valuable information that’s relevant to this stage in the buyer’s journey.

Your webinars can be product demonstrations, case studies, or Q&As with your team. They should last around 30 minutes to an hour and include a call to action to register for a future event.

4. Product Reviews

When you’re mid funnel, getting reviews from happy customers can help increase trust with potential buyers.

Reviews aren’t just a top of the funnel activity. They should continue throughout the buyer’s journey to show social proof that others have had success with your product or service.

You can ask current customers to leave a India Phone Number review on sites like Gartner or TrustRadius. Or, you can even include a review request as part of your transactional emails.

5. Podcasts

Audio content is a great way to attract prospects who are mid funnel and educate them on how to use your product or service.

Your podcasts don’t need to use long episodes at this stage. Create mid-funnel content that’s around 20 minutes to an hour and share it on iTunes, Spotify, or other popular podcast platforms.

6. Social Media Posts

Post mid funnel marketing content on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to engage your target audience.

These posts should include content like case studies, testimonials and product reviews. However, the mid funnel content isn’t all about your company or brand. It’s also important to share other industry-related articles that prospects will find beneficial.

7. Comparison Pages

When potential customers are comparison shopping, it’s a good indication that they’re mid funnel. Comparison pages help them make the best decision for their needs by putting your product or service head-to-head against your competitors’.

8. Use Case Pages

Use case pages are a great way to show tangibly how your product serves a need. They’re helpful for prospects who may not yet understand how using your product fits into their lives.

9. White Papers or Reports

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White papers and reports are long-form content that helps prospects understand the problem they’re experiencing and how you can help them solve it. They go into detail about the solution you offer and why it’s the best option.

Best Mid-Funnel Marketing Channels

Once you know what types of content to create, it’s important to determine which channels work best for reaching your target audience.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is a great way to reach potential buyers who already invested time interacting with your brand. You can target them with ads that will bring them back to your website to continue their journey down the funnel.

Remember that most of your website visitors leave before becoming an email subscriber or making a purchase. You must bring them back. Google Display Ads or ads on Instagram or Facebook work well to bring back those people who already received their first exposure to your brand.


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