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Book with us! Long car journey ahead? A subscription to listening services such as Storytel or Audible. Many appointments? Put a book in your bag to usefully fill waiting time. Does it appear after a few months that you read more, but you actually wanted to learn more? Then you Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List change your book choices. It fits perfectly within a theme to sharpen or broaden your goal. Then the spring of 2022 will be the spring of ‘learning by reading’. You may find that reading alone is not as inspiring and you want to make reading more social.

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Then you set up a book club and discuss all the books together. Flexibility in your plan Anyone who had goals during 2021 may have had to adjust the goals with every press conference and new corona measures. Having a theme makes you more flexible. You don’t necessarily Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List have to eat “eat at a restaurant 10 times a year,” which is a typical goal formulation. For example, it is ‘the year of taste’. Then the purchase of a nice cookbook or hiring a chef also fits within the plan. The idea of ​​an annual theme is nicely elaborated in the podcast Cortex .

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Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List

In it, CPG Gray and Myke Hurley have been discussing for several years in a row how themes help to take a new direction in a fairly relaxed and at the same time concrete way. Let’s say you want to be more careful with your finances and fill your piggy bank in the long run. Then Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List you look for a word that expresses that appealing. Examples of year themes are in the Cortex podcast: The year of order After a messy year, in which one of the two had started a business, the following year saw a need for more structure, regulations, agreements and standardisation. So instead of starting new projects, think about a good project approach first. Instead of putting out fires, first an analysis of why the fire is there.


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