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That price, it is a price that my readers are willing to to turn off. For my birthday (in june). I made a 24-hour price drop offer and sold. a bunch of copies. because it was. a very short price drop. My goal was to increase reviews in .the and networks are very dead and I project on the other hand, proyecto bruno has a lower price: €2.99. Why? Because it has far fewer pages, its cost was lower and it also sells well in ebook and on paper, so I deduce that the price is well chosen. As you can see, I have chosen the lower price range for.

Fiction ebooks. Bilogy  Egypt Phone Numbers legends of the land limit legends of the edge land the legends of the edge land bilogy books were published a long time ago, so I have put them at €2.99 but I have included them in the kdp program so that they can be read for free in kdp. My intention with this is to reach readers who do not know me. What about nonfiction? Enterprising writer the enterprising writer how to monetize your writer’s blog how to monetize your writer’s blog the enterprising writer and how to monetize your writer’s blog initiall.

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Started at €3.55 and later went up to €4.5. I saw the buying. trend going down. a lot so I decided to leave. them both at 3.55 and they have held steady selling. In this case, they are books to publicize my. work at molpe and I am more interested in. selling them than making a profit from that sale (they have been amortized for a long time). How to write fantasy how to write fantasy in the case of how to write fantasy , I decided not to invest in paper but to release the book —an eminently practical manual— only in digital. And put a standard.

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Price for a non-fiction book: €3.55. If you are interested in. delving into this topic. recommend that you read. this entry by. mariana eguaras in which she analyzes all this very thoroughly only suitable for writers .with guts if you .want to live writing, you have to have guts but also get the most out of time. With my ebook of tools, it will be easier for you. Name email I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the website I love you! 6 comments ana.Ceeme ana.Ceeme on may 3, 2020 at 3:55 pm in a matter of weeks, I’m going.

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To upload my first ebook to come in handy to reflect on the price to put. I agree with you that ebooks shouldn’t cost less than €2 (€2.5 even), and the psychological barrier is €5. A coffee and a croissant at two prices, depending on the which you drink it! The tide of free books at the beginning of quarantine gave me a panic. The only one I saw with a bit of. the opportunity to. win subscribers to her website in exchange. for sending her first novel (a fantasy saga). Responder ana gonzalez duke ana gonzalez duke on may 5, 2020 at 9:22 am.


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