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Does this yield anything for the Dutch farmer? Cameras not only register, they can also signal. Not only in enforcement but also in care, as witnessed by the Kepler Night Nurse who combines camera and AI. Is AI and robotization/automation a replacement. A supplement Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List in certain professions where personnel are scarce? These are all things that we have to discuss if you look at desirability. Well, let’s feed this one. The outcome lies with society. Did you know that every 7 seconds someone becomes a victim of identity theft? (Federal Trade Commission 2020) Whether it’s checking one of my websites, doing some online shopping, or using one of the many apps on my phone, I’m online 24/7.

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While I’ve always taken certain security measures, as I’ve learned more about digital security. I’ve started working on implementing others. The statistics are a bit troubling: In 2020, 47 percent of U.S. adults experienced financial identity theft that resulted in billions Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List of dollars in losses. Unfortunately, given the digital society we live in today, identity theft has become a growing problem. Source: FTC 2020 It can happen to anyone (regardless of age) and often leaves victims confused and overwhelmed in the process of changing or recovering personal information and lost funds.

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Given the choice, most people prefer to prevent identity theft and having to deal with the consequences once criminals gain access to sensitive information. While our Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List digital footprint puts more people at risk, there are practical and proven ways to prioritize your digital security and prevent identity theft from happening to you and your loved ones! Digital Security Tip Protect Your Passwords Your account password is a gateway to private information that criminals can use to commit credit card fraud, bank fraud, or similar crimes.


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